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Restaurant in Villers-le-lac

Plaisir de la table
Parfum de terroir


Hugues Droz
Maître cuisinier de France

Headlines :

  • Personnal cook of the industry minister
  • Young chef oscar
  • First price festival international du chocolat
  • Innovation price championnats de France des desserts

Cooking is a story of contrasts, flavours and tastes awakening our five senses. Creativity comes from autenticity and stands on tradition.

I cook with my heart : I  focus on the essential to try to reach the balance, the same goal than in our lives.



  • Terrace - Grandes assiettes à thème de 15€ à 19€
  • Seminary room
  • Small shop


Jura wines, the closest vineyard is well represented: Savagnin, Chardonnay, Poulsard, Trousseau, Macvin, and the famous Yelow wines with stuning years : 1895, 1937, 1942

In all regions, we suggest famous wines like Margaux 1982, Petrus 1985, Cheval Blanc 1982) but also a selection of small local producers, good value for prices and wines to discover.

If you are interested you can ask to visit our cellar.